Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional photographer, a tailored 1-1 session will massively enhance your photography skills and confidence in a very short space of time. If you want to learn quickly, don't enjoy group learning, are shy, lack confidence, have a learning difficulty or want to focus on a specific subject then having a 1-1 tuition session is by far the best option for you.

If you have ever tried to read your camera's manual, you will have seen that it makes little to no sense and is often no use whatsoever. Camera manuals are full of technical jargon and are often directly translated from another language. Youtube videos can be difficult to understand as things are missed out, not explained properly or even completely wrong. Magazines can offer some hope but they already assume you know all the basics and sometimes even some of the more advanced skills.

This is where I can help.

My unique teaching style has been developed over the past 5 years. Being dyslexic, I always struggled to retain information from books and always learned better practically. When I was learning I had to take the information in and go through it all again in fine detail so that it then made sense to me. This is how I can help you. By explaining things in simple terms, I can teach you the same method I used to teach myself. To me, learning photography felt like climbing a mountain. I wanted to be at the top as fast as possible but it also felt like there was a huge secret that every other photographer was keeping. I later found that most of it was just unnecessary over-complicated jargon.

Jargon is totally unnecessary when learning photography.

My main goal is to inspire you and show you how easy and fun it can be to learn what seems to be a very complicated process. To date, every single person I have taught has come away from our session feeling confident, happy and surprised by how much information they have learned and more importantly - retained.

I have an abundance of patience, understanding and an encouraging approach and no question is ever a 'stupid question'. I am on-hand to you by email after the sessions to answer any queries and give you ongoing support. 

What can be covered in the session?

I can teach you multiple areas of photography including sport, wildlife, studio, flash, portraits, documentary, landscape, fashion, advertising, still life and much more. Software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomatix pro 5, Portrait pro can also be included.

Every session is tailor-made to your needs. You may wish to cover the very basics or something more complicated and you may require a single day or alternatively, multiple bookings.

I’m also available for personal development, business training, GCSE, A-Level and University tuition as well as day trips, holidays and lessons for small groups of friends.


Price starts from £299 a day. The price may rise depending on various factors such as equipment, travel and subject matter. For an exact quote please give me as much information via email info@dslrlearning.co.uk.  

Student Testimonials

Steve Marsh, Stamford

I have learnt a lot from James on his DSLR learning courses. He simplifies the technical jargon and concentrates on what you need to know to continually improve your photos. He uses his experience as a photographer to encourage you to try new things but, most of all, keeping it fun!. 

Gina Rymer, Grimsthorpe  

Just had the most amazing day having one to one tuition with James, for anyone wondering if they would benefit from such a day, trust me you would, me my dog, my camera, and a man with amazing patience, I cannot believe how much I learnt in a few hours, as well as on a technical level, I also learnt to have a little faith in myself. Thanks James, I don't think you have seen the last of me !!

Sue West, Stamford

James has the ability to make photographers with any level of ability feel at ease. 

When I first met James, I didn't know what an F stop was. With a lot of patience and down-to-earth explanations, I no longer use auto, and I've been inspired by James to try different techniques, and produced the type of material that I didnt know was possible or existed before.  

James appreciates effort, encourages his students, offers constructive criticism, and pushes to experiment with new ideas, and take knowledge to the next level. 

Whilst time with James IS a 'Master/Professional Photographer - Student set-up', it soon feels as though you're spending time with a mate,  learning about how to get the best out of your camera & surroundings.