Our Story

Hello, I'm James and I'm here to make learning to use your camera easy (and fun too).

Previously a professional photographer, I started DSLR Learning in 2009 because my mother-in-law had bought a new camera and couldn't make head nor tale of the manual. She asked me to teach her how to get her camera off AUTO. 

I'm dyslexic and have never understood mainstream teaching methods. As a result, I developed my own way of learning. I taught my mother-in-law to use her camera the way I wished somebody had taught me. 

She nailed it in just one day.

From that our sell-out Beginners Masterclass was born.

Since then I've been on a quest to teach as many people as possible to use their camera without the minefield of confusing technical jargon. To date, I have taught over 2000 people. 

You do not need to go on a never-ending number of different courses to become confident with your camera off Auto. 

You just need the Masterclass.