About Us

We specialise in  DSLR photography workshops and were established in 2009 by fashion and advertising photographer James Brown.

Our teaching style and content is what sets DSLR Learning apart from our competitors. We understand that learning photography can be overwhelming and confusing. You only need to browse the camera’s manual to feel as though you don't know where to start and learning from different sources can often mean vital information is missed which can have an impact in the future when problems occur due to the solution and knowledge simply not being learnt.

We also know that attending photography workshops can be daunting for some, with the feeling that others will have more knowledge than you or you may have questions that you feel too shy or embarrassed to ask. All our workshops are relaxed and fun.  You will be greeted with light refreshments and have time to settle and chat with other people attending.

Our unique method of teaching was devised by James Brown, a photographer of 18 years. James was trained by some of the best photographers in the world and has had a successful International career shooting both fashion and advertising. James was diagnosed with dyslexia whilst at school. It is because of this that he has learned how to break down the subject of photography into simple and easy to understand segments and then bringing them all together to give you the full picture. His classes are intensive and technical but you will be amazed how much you can learn in just one day if you are taught in the right way.

Our aim is for you to be confident with your SLR or DSLR camera and to have in depth knowledge and understanding of photography. All of our courses are structured so that the first part is classroom style where the theory behind the practice will be explained to you and you will get a chance to ask as many questions as you need. The second part is practical and you will go out into the local area and practice your new skills. We say goodbye at the end of the workshop knowing all of your questions have been answered and that you feel happy and confident with your new skills.

We hold a number of DSLR photography workshops including the Beginners Masterclass Workshop where you will learn the foundation of photography. The next step is the Intermediate Workshop  where more advanced techniques are learnt such as high dynamic range. Our most popular workshop is the Night photography workshop where you will learn all the skills to take pictures in low light. We also hold a number of other workshops and trips throughout the year, 

All of our tutors are professional photographers that have been personally trained by James to deliver excellent, easy to understand courses.