Flash and Natural Light Photography / by James Brown

This  guide will give you a basic understanding of how to technically use flash lighting and natural light. 

By changing the aperture and turning up the flash power resulted in a perfectly balanced image. 

The shutter speed was set for the ambient light, the lamps. Changing the shutter speed will effect how much of it is seen, the longer the shutter speed more will see e.g. 1/8 The shorter the shutter speed the less will be seen e.g. 1/60.  The aperture was set to match the power of the flash, the same principle works - If the Groom was to dark then more light would be let in,  e.g. F11 to F8.  If the Groom was to light then less light would be let in e.g. F8 to F11.

Simply using a window can provide perfect light for portraits. 

Adding a large reflector and turning the image to black and white can make a 'moody' image. 

A small reflector under the chin will bounce light and create a clean looking image.