Colour Effects / by James Brown

Colour effects are a great way to add drama to your pictures and are used by many photographers. Follow these simple steps to create your own light filled picture. 

Step 1. In this months Practical Photography magazine are giving away 27 free colour effects. Download here:

Step 2. Open your image File>open. Open the effect pack you have just downloaded by again using File>open and select one.

Step 3. Press Ctrl+A to select it, Ctrl+C to copy it and then Ctrl+W to close.

Step 4. Press Ctrl+V to paste the colour effect on to the image

Step 5. Press Ctrl+T to put it in to Free Transform Mode.  Hold the Shift Key down and at the same time drag the corner of the bounding box until the image is completely covered by the colour effect.

Step 6. Go to the Layers Panel(If you cant find them go to Window>Layers and change the blend mode to Soft Light, Overlay, Soft Light, etc simply experiment with the different options. The Layers Panel its set to Normal by default so just look for the word Normal and click on the arrow pointing down to make the changes. 

Step 7. If you want to increase the effect simply press Ctrl+J this will duplicate the layer and boost the effect.

Step 8. Go to the Layer panel and click on the Mask icon. Use a soft brush and paint over the area you don’t want the effect to be. By pressing D followed by X for a black foreground colour paint over the area you don’t want to see

Before & After