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Street Photography

London's oldest market, Spitalfields, is one of the best places to learn and develop your street photography. It offers perfect shooting conditions due to being situated under a glass canopy which of course means no rain! Also, more importantly, the light is phenomenal ensuring you capture amazing images of the unique hustle and bustle.

Stall holders offer cutting-edge fashion and interiors, original artworks as well as food -  there is masses of subject matter. 

This is a 90% hands-on workshop. You will be shown several different camera settings, be taught about the importance of lens choice as well as be given advice on composition and arrangement. Throughout the day quick projects are thrown at you. You will have 15 mins to get the shot - all of which are demonstrated and shown beforehand so don't worry!

This is a great way to improve your understanding of camera settings, lens choice, composition and confidence building. A real hands-on learning experience with a very fun and upbeat approach - it's the perfect way to really develop as a photographer. 

Suitable for complete beginners to professionals and everyone in-between.

PRICE: £97.00

DATE: Sunday 24th February 2019