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Last year I organised an amazing day out to meet, feed and photograph ten Bengal Tigers as well as other incredible birds and animals.

So many of you have asked me when the next trip will be and so I have provisionally pencilled in two days to accommodate you all - 5th & 6th May.

We will  have the whole zoo to ourselves and an incredibly knowledgeable guide with us.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is home to Bengal Tiger Cubs that are now 3 years old and this is your chance to personally meet and photograph them.

The park will be closed to the public so that we can have dedicated time with the animals.

You will be supervised at all times and a professional photographer with 20 years experience will be with you throughout the experience to help you capture the best photos.

The experience will consist of:

Meeting Bengal Tigers

Feeding the Tigers

Taking pictures of the Tigers close-up in their enclosure

Meeting and photographing Lemurs in their enclosure

Meeting and photographing a flock of Macaws 

Opportunity to get up close to other animals

Photography tuition

Food provided

This experience will take place over 3.5 hours starting 4.30pm and finishing at 8pm.

Event location: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, Dickon Hill Rd, Friskney, Boston PE22 8PP.

£180 per person