“Photography made simple”

Welcome to the antidote to instruction manuals. If you want to become a better photographer, you can read every book on the subject ever printed, but nothing reinforces that learning like getting your hands dirty putting theory to the test. Ideally with a little guidance. 

DSLR Guru offers training for photographers of every level through live, learning experiences. Weddings. Fashion shoots. Wildlife photography. Every course offers the benefits of physical workshops that immediately put theory into practice. Each workshop replicates the authentic challenges of a working photographer.

Depending on your interests, you could be working with a bride, a fashion model or a tiger. I have taught more than 3000 photographers and I have seen the difference practical training makes. DSLR Guru students learn thoroughly, and they learn fast. We turn enthusiastic amateurs into proficient experts and working professionals. We transform working professionals into more successful working professionals. No matter what your experience, we can help you master that next level. Explore the range of available courses on this site or get in touch for more information.